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“Fourroux Prosthetics' approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience”

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Our Patient - Sylvester

banner-pages-patients-sylvester-videoMeet Sylvester - Bi-lateral Below Knee Amputee

  “I pretty much was thrown into prosthetics from a complication with diabetes."  says Sylvester a Fourroux Prosthetics Bi-lateral Amputee.  “I had an infection in both feet and it kept getting worse and worse and I ended up having to lose both my legs.”

Sylvester came to Fourroux Prosthetics shortly after his amputations and like many amputees, was pretty much thrust into the world of prosthetics.  His expectations were low since his experience with amputees and prosthetics was not extremely positive.

“I knew people that had lost limbs but they were wheelchair bound, so I didn't know anybody personally that actually had a prosthesis so I really didn't have anything to formulate an opinion on.  So I was just really coming in blind.”  says Sylvester.  “It was just through Fourroux’s professionalism and them walking me through everything where I learned that this stuff is real and it could be a good thing. “

“The main thing that really had me was when they said that they custom made each prosthesis to the particular patient to whatever residual limb they had and I was like, "Wow, how can you do that?"  continues Sylvester.  “I mean, that intrigued me more than anything, "How can you do that?"

“When they gave me tour they showed me the laser scans that they did on the below knee amputee and I was like, "Okay, so that's how they do it to make sure that it fits as comfortable as possible."  And, I mean, I've had very high levels of comfort.  I have not experienced any un-comfort since I've been coming here because they make sure that it fits my leg.”

Although his diabetic complications lead to Sylvesters amputations, he doesn’t let it slow him down. He’s a very active individual.

“I’m married, Baraka's her name.  We've been married for eight years.  We have a three year old son name Silas.” explains Sylvester.  “He keeps us VERY busy”.  He’s your average three-year-old child.  I love spending time with them.  Just hanging out, playing outside.”

“I’m also an avid lover of sports.  I played golf prior to my amputations, and working on getting back out on the course.  I'm really looking forward to going back and playing basketball.”  continues Sylvester.

Sylvester has come a long way since we first met him.  His apprehensions about being an amputee have been overcome with his desire to live his life to the fullest.  He continues to improve upon his mobility, and is doing things again that he didn’t think would be possible.  All do to his hard work and desire.

“Well, I just see myself still living my life doing whatever I desire to do, going anywhere I want to go, trying to get back to doing all the things I love to do.”  says Sylvester.

Congratulations Sylvester on meeting your goals and getting back to living life.  You’re an inspiration to those of us at Fourroux Prosthetics who have the pleasure of working with you.

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