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“Fourroux Prosthetics' approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience”

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Our Patient - Sean

banner-pages-patients-sean-videoMeet Sean - Above Knee Amputee

Sean’s lifelong goal since he was 4 years old was to be a Soldier.  It was all he wanted to do.  His dream came true when he had the opportunity to join the Army.  He completed training and was deployed to Iraq in 2003.  Soon after his deployment, his career as a soldier would take a drastic turn when he was wounded by a mortar attack, which took his right leg.

As with most amputees, he had limited knowledge on prosthetics prior to his accident, but that would soon change.  The days, months & years after his incident, Sean would be exposed to numerous prosthetic techniques and fittings.

“My leg didn't stabilize until two years later, is when it really, truly, finally stabilized.  I had new ‘practitioners’ every six months, going through new fittings every six months.  And, each one had a different take on how to do it, on what would be good for you.  So I've tried basically every kind of socket you can think of.  I've tried more feet…I've tried five different legs, different pylons for each leg.  You name it, I've tried it all.” explains Sean.

Sean eventually settled in Alabama and found himself searching for a Prosthetic facility, and heard through a local VA organization that he should try Fourroux Prosthetics.

“Being a war wounded veteran, all the VS, Veteran Service organizations find out that you're coming into town from various sources, and every amputee I've met since coming into town were all, "Go to Fourroux, go to Fourroux, go to Fourroux.” says Sean.  “And then once I finally got here, it was fantastic.  Since day one they've treated me like family.  "Does this hurt?  Does this hurt?" Whatever.  And they didn't stop until I had no pain.  And they've done things that nobody's ever done.”

Sean’s dream of being a lifelong Soldier may have taken a sudden turn, however, becoming an amputee has not slowed him down.

“I just think that’s probably their key factor here at Fourroux is the fact that the Prosthetists, any Prosthetist here, not one of them told me what I should do or what I need to do.  Not one.  They all listened to what I wanted to do and they figured out a way to make it happen.” continues Sean.  “That meant everything to me.

He’s since relocated to Indiana, but continues to allow Fourroux Prosthetics to service his prosthetic needs.  His enthusiasm for life and his passion for becoming the best that he came be, continues to this day.  Sean continually stays up to speed on the latest in prosthetic technology, and continues to strive to find that technology that suits him and his aspirations.

Thank you Sean for the sacrifices that you’ve made for our country, and for becoming a part of the Fourroux Prosthetics Family.

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