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“Fourroux Prosthetics' approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience”

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Our Patient - Hank

banner-pages-patients-hank-videoMeet Hank - Bi-lateral Above Knee Amputee

Like many individuals, Hank was going about his day working as a truck driver when suddenly he was involved in an accident that traumatically amputated both his lower limbs.  When he awoke from his accident he was lying in a hospital facing the fact that he was a bi-lateral amputee who had lost one leg above the knee, and the other below the knee.

While his leg was healing he had started his Physical Therapy program in the hospital.  He was currently working with a prosthetic facility and gradually getting by.  He had received one prosthesis for one leg and had been waiting for quite some time on the second one.

At the time, he was struggling with the fit of the original prosthesis during his Physical Therapy at the rehab center and he noticed a gentleman walking down the hall towards him, talking with many of the Physical Therapists.  At first glance, he didn’t think much of it, until that gentleman came by and said “Hi” to his Physical Therapist and then introduced himself to Hank. He introduced himself as Kim Duckett. He was from Fourroux Prosthetics.

Taken back a bit by their introduction, Hank had made a decision thereafter speaking with Kim to try Fourroux Prosthetics.  To Hank, it ended up being a dramatic change…a change for the better.  “It was just like night and day.”  says Hank.

Since his accident less than a year ago, Hank has made leaps and bounds with his progression as a bi-lateral amputee.  “I would have never thought I would have been this far along.” explains Hank.  We believe Hank has been progressing because of his enthusiasm, his determination and he has been utilizing Fourroux’s On-Site Physical Therapy.

His initial goal was to get up and walk, maybe without a walker or a cane and to do daily activities on his own.  Maybe even progress to a level where he can play golf again, one of many his aspirations.  Hank is well on his way!  Way to go Hank and we’re pleased to have you a part of the Fourroux Prosthetics Family.

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