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“Fourroux Prosthetics' approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience”

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Our Patient - Fern

banner pages patients fern videoMeet Fern - Below Knee Amputee

"When you go in many orthopedic prosthetic clinics, they have pictures of people with just the pole."  say Fern.  "And you see their activity levels but you never see someone looking perfectly normal with that pretty leg, which is what I always wanted. Ever since I was a teenager."

Fern is a seasoned amputee, and from very early on, she always felt like there was something missing.  She wanted to look and feel "normal".   Deep down, she wanted a prosthetic device that looked exactly like sound leg...with the fit and function.  But she felt like that was too much to ask.

"It just didn’t make sense to me that we can put a man on the moon, we can do so much, and yet, you can’t get the color of your skin to match your leg."  explains Fern.  "I’m not trying to hide the fact that I’m an amputee, because that’s who I am.  But I want to look as pretty and as normal as anybody."

When we met Fern, our goal was to find out as much as we could about her.  Not just fit her with a prosthetic limb.  Through our discussions with her, we found out that a cosmetically looking prosthesis was somethign that she had always wanted, but didn't feel like she had the right to ask for.

"And that was the biggest difference for me coming to Fourroux." says Fern.  "I used to feel that I should be grateful for what I have and that a lotta times I felt like I didn’t have a right to ask for more.  Because, in the past, I was always told it wasn’t available or I couldn’t get it. So I just was just grateful that I was at least functionable and couldn’t have the pretty side of it."

"When I came to Fourroux, it all came out. They showed me what they can do and I was like, “That’s what I want. That’s exactly what I want.” In my heart, that’s what I’ve always wanted!"

Just the freedom to go into a shoe store and say, “I can have anything I want in this shoe store."  And Fourroux just understood that, and they got that."  continues Fern. "I mean, it just changed how I felt and, I felt pretty, and normal."

"Fourroux did it.  And, it really is the first time that anybodyseemed to listen or hear me."  says Fern.

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