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“Fourroux Prosthetics' approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience”

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Our Patient - Evelyn

banner pages patients evelyn videoMeet Evelyn - Above Knee Amputee

For Evelyn, an above knee amputee, finding a place that listened to her and made her feel comfortable was extremely important to her and her husband. She wanted a place that was going to work with her to find out about her wants and desires. Someone who was going to help her get back to living her life.

"When you go through something like this you need a place that you're comfortable and they just become an extended family. says Evelyn. "They gave us a tour and showed us how everything would be done. They handled all the insurance, I didn't have to worry about that."

Unsure of the process of getting a prosthesis, she welcomed being shown everything and how it worked. She was involved in getting her prosthesis made. But what surprised Evelyn most was that she would be up and walking as soon as she was.

"The first fitting I came in and they did a cast, just a plaster cast and I was here all day but I left with a leg on the very first day which I thought was amazing!" exclaimed Evelyn. "I wasn't expecting to get one the first day I came, but I came in, in a wheelchair, and I walked out."

Asked if she had the opportunity to share with others her experience with Fourroux Prosthetics to other amputees, this is what Evelyn would say;

"They take care of me. You know, and they're here any time I need them." says Evelyn. "They really do care. From the receptionist all the way up. Everybody cares. It's family. You can tell that they genuinely care about their patients."

"They give you hope. And then they help you fulfill that."

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