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“Fourroux Prosthetics' approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience”

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Our Patient - David

banner pages patients david videoMeet David - Fourroux Memphis Below Knee Amputee

Like many amputees, David didn’t think that he would ever be one. He knew little about prosthetics and when he was faced with becoming an amputee initially he thought access to the many things he enjoyed would not be accessible anymore.

“Growing up in a small town, I'd known one person, he was in his fifties or sixties, had a prosthetic and he never talked about it."  says David. “I would see prosthetic, uh.. commercials and not really pay much attention, 'cause nobody thinks they're gonna be an amputee. You know, and so once it hit me, I thought, Wow, I'm...life's basically over. I'm not gonna be able to do much of anything."

David came to Fourroux, and his thoughts quickly changed. He learned about prosthetics, and how they are made. He learned about the all the choices he had, and worked with the Fourroux Staff to determine what was best for him, to allow him to go back and do all the things he enjoyed doing.

“I was completely wrong in my outlook at prosthetics. I figured it'd always be painful." recalls David.  “I didn’t realize how comfortable your prosthetics are these days. Within, six months I was running. In seven months I was back on the water waterskiing.”

"Since then, I learned how to surf, learned how to snowboard." continues David. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. And it's the prosthetic, I know. It’s because of Fourroux.”

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