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Our Approach

“At Fourroux, we know we first have to learn about you as an individual and the type of lifestyle that you aspire to have”

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Fourroux Prosthetics is a nationally recognized accredited facility providing the highest level of care in prosthetics.  With offices in Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN as well as Birmingham and Huntsville, AL, we not only provide service to our local patients, but to those nationally who desire a higher level of care and service.
Fourroux Prosthetics Transportation Service


For patients within the local driving area, you may opt to drive yourself or have someone accompany you on your trip to Fourroux Prosthetics. For those that do not prefer to drive, our driver may pick you up for the appointment in our handicap accessible vehicle and return you to your home after your appointment.

Our van is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant and is equipped with an electronic wheel chair/scooter lift and tie down straps to secure the mobility device and passenger.


We understand the challenges amputees may face when making the decision to choose or change prosthetic care. Amputees needing prosthetic services are conditioned to believe that these services should be provided locally, even though you may not be functioning at the level that you desire.

As an amputee you need to ask yourself if you are satisfied with your current ability and with the level of your prosthetic comfort, and decide if the decision to travel to Fourroux Prosthetics is worth the quality of life you could achieve.

Fourroux Prosthetics is here to assist you with your individual prosthetic care needs, and we believe we can improve your quality of life.

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