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“At Fourroux, we know we first have to learn about you as an individual and the type of lifestyle that you aspire to have”

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Fitting Your New Prosthesis

Temporary Prosthesis Feedback

Fitting Your Temporary Prosthesis at Fourroux ProstheticsAfter spending some time in your newly fitted temporary prosthesis, your practitioner begins by gathering critical feedback on your fit and function.  If necessary, any fitting and alignment concerns are discussed and evaluated, and additional adjustments are made.

Final Fabrication Begins on Your New Prosthesis

Creating Your Prosthesis at Fourroux ProstheticsOnce an optimum prosthetic fit is achieved, the fabrication on your new prosthesis begins.  This fabrication takes a matter of just a few hours to complete.  During this time, discussions between you, your family and your Fourroux Prosthetist take place to answer any questions that you may have.  This may include prosthetics information and education, or may be something as simple as questions you may have on general prosthetics usage.  This is a critical time for you and your family to discuss these with your Fourroux practitioner.

The Fitting of Your NEW Prosthesis

Your New Prosthesis at Fourroux ProstheticsWithin hours, the time has arrived to be fitted with your new prosthesis!  Once again, a fitting and evaluation period begins to ensure a proper fit between you and your customized prosthesis.  If you are being fitted with new unfamiliar prosthetic componentry, time is spent educating you on its care and function.

Once again, you and your family are encouraged to walk with this NEW customized prosthesis the remainder of that day and provide your feedback.

Cosmetic Application

After spending the remainder of your second day and evening in your NEW customized prosthesis, your final day begins gathering any additional feedback on fit and function of your new prosthesis.  If necessary, any additional fitting and alignment concerns are discussed, evaluated, and made.

Should you choose to have a cosmetic cover applied to your NEW prosthesis, options are discussed and the fabrication of your cosmesis would begin.  In just a few short hours, you are presented with your NEW finished prosthetic device.

Final Evaluation

A final evaluation takes place between you and your Fourroux Prosthetics practitioner.  You may set prosthetic goals or achievements that you would like to reach.  You may discuss prosthetic usage techniques to assist you in everyday life.   It is a time for you to ask any questions before you leave and begin using your NEW customized prosthesis.

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