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Come See The Difference.

Our Approach

“At Fourroux, we know we first have to learn about you as an individual and the type of lifestyle that you aspire to have”

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Patient Evaluation

Amputee Evaluation at Fourroux ProstheticsOur approach to an amputees care goes beyond that of providing just a prosthesis. We know that in order to provide you with a gateway to a better life, we first have to learn about you as an individual, your current lifestyle and also the type of lifestyle that you aspire to have.

Your Initial Visit

Upon your visit to Fourroux Prosthetics, you are greeted by a caring staff member to answer any immediate questions that you may have.  If it is your first visit to Fourroux Prosthetics, we take the time to tour our entire facility, meet our staff and meet other amputees that are at our facility.

Clinical Evaluation Begins

Critical time is spent between yourself, your family or support staff and the Fourroux Prosthetics practitioner(s) to evaluate your current situation.  A clinical evaluation begins regarding your prosthetic limb, gathering the necessary information about the fit and function of your current prosthesis and any issues or concerns that you are facing.  

Prosthetic Options at Fourroux Prosthetics

As a group you begin to discuss your prosthetic options, and prosthetic solutions that are taylored to you as an individual.  You discuss prosthetic systems and set-ups, you learn about the wide variety of prosthetic components, products and options that are available to you.  You, along with your Fourroux Prosthetics practitioner, determine the most appropriate prosthesis that will allow you the freedom to accomplish your daily activities.

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