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Fourroux Prosthetics Celebrates 65 Years of Service to Amputees!

Fourroux Prosthetics is excited to be celebrating 65 years of service to amputees & their families!

Fourroux Prosthetics Transportation Service

Fourroux Prosthetics was originally founded in 1955 by George Fourroux and provided orthotics and prosthetics services to local residents in the Huntsville area.  During the last 65 years, our organization has grown significantly as well as narrowed our focus to becoming a nationally recognized prosthetics facility, having served amputees from around the world.  While our corporate office remains in Huntsville, AL, we have expanded their service to Birmingham, Al, Memphis & Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Keith Watson, Fourroux’s owner explained:

“This year marks a significant landmark for our organization. 65 years of providing the highest level of care in prosthetic products and services to all levels of amputees and their families. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience. One that is rich in quality care, education, the use of innovative prosthetic technology and patient outcomes. We provide a gateway to an improved quality of life for amputees and their families.”

Join us in this joyous celebration of being able to serve amputees and their families for 65 years! And thank you to those amputees who we have serviced, and for trusting us with your care.

For more information on Fourroux and the services we provide, we invite you to watch “The Path”, an insightful look into why amputees choose Fourroux.



Start Building a Relationship for Life with Fourroux Prosthetics.  Make a life changing decision by calling 888.810.6220 today!


Complimentary Local Transportation Service for Amputees

Fourroux Prosthetics is a nationally recognized accredited facility providing the highest level of care in prosthetics. With offices in Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN as well as Birmingham and Huntsville, AL, and we provide a complimentary local transportation service to assist amputees get prosthetic care when they need care.

Fourroux Prosthetics Transportation Service

For patients within the local driving area, you may opt to drive yourself or have someone accompany you on your trip to Fourroux Prosthetics. However, for those that do not prefer to drive, we offer a complimentary local transportation service, where a Fourroux driver can pick you up for the appointment in our handicap accessible vehicle and return you to your home after your appointment.

At Fourroux, we recognize that sometimes amputees need prosthetic care immediately and don't have the ability to get to their appointments. Our transportation service is available to help amputees get care, when they need care. Whether it is for an initial appointment, and urgent care need, or for follow-up appointments.
Our transporation vehicles are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant and are equipped with an electronic wheel chair/scooter lift and tie down straps to secure the mobility device and passenger.
If you would like to learn more about Fourroux Prosthetics and our complimentary local transportation service contact Fourroux at any one of our five locations:

Our Corporate Office & Patient Care Facility

Fourroux Prosthetics - Huntsville, AL

Our corporate office, patient care and central fabrication facility is located in Huntsville, Alabama:

Fourroux Prosthetics                         888-810-6220 (toll free)
2743 Bob Wallace Ave.                      256-534-8672 Ph.                  
Huntsville, Alabama 35805               256-539-9755 Fax

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Our Nashville Patient Care Facility - GRAND OPENING!

Nashville Building Pic page banner

Our Nashville patient care and fabrication facility is located just outside Nashville, in La Vergne, TN:

Fourroux Prosthetics                           888-810-6220 (toll free)
500 Waldron Road                                 615.471.4383 Ph.             
Nashville, TN  37086                           615.471.4693 Fax

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Our Atlanta Patient Care Facility

Atlanta Building Pic page banner

Our Atlanta patient care and fabrication facility is located just outside Atlanta in Johns Creek, GA:

Fourroux Prosthetics                           888-810-6220 (toll free)
6630 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Suite A        678-584-1706 Ph.                 
Atlanta, GA  30097                                678-417-0472 Fax

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Our Birmingham Patient Care Facility

Fourroux Prosthetics - Birmingham, AL

Our Birmingham patient care and fabrication facility is located just outside Birmingham in Vestavia Hills, AL:

Fourroux Prosthetics                           888-810-6220 (toll free)
2867 Acton Rd                                       205-874-9683 Ph.                 
Birmingham, Alabama  35243            205-874-9685 Fax     

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Our Memphis Patient Care Facility

Fourroux Prosthetics - Memphis, TN

Our Memphis patient care and fabrication facility is located outside Memphis in Bartlett, TN :

Fourroux Prosthetics                           888-810-6220 (toll free)
6740 Reese Rd                                      901-383-1827 Ph.                 
Memphis, Tennessee  38133              901-383-1829 Fax          

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Start Building a Relationship for Life with Fourroux Prosthetics.  Make a life changing decision by calling today!


The Value of a Free Prosthetic Consultation

The decision to choose a prosthetic facility, whether it is your first endeavor or if you find yourself a seasoned amputee looking for a change, is not one to take lightly. Prosthetic care is something that will be needed throughout your lifetime, and utilizing the ability to have a free consultation can help put your nerves at ease and help choose which prosthetic facility is right for you. Not all prosthetic facilities are alike, and they DO NOT all provide the same level of care.



Amputee Consultation at Fourroux Prosthetics

When I go somewhere, I want to look as pretty and normal as anybody.says Fern, a below-knee amputee. “It really seemed like it was the first time that anyone seemed to listen or hear me.

 Your consultion should begin with introductions of yourself, and your family or support individuals to those within the prosthetic facility. In order to get the appropriate care, one needs to build a repore with those who will be providing the service. That repore allows you to get any and all your questions asked and answered, but also allows the prosthetic professionals the ability to provide a long term care plan that helps meet the your immediate needs AND your long term goals.

Amputees need to feel comfortable with those who are helping them. They need to understand the process of how the care will be administered, and what is expected of all parties to fullfill that longterm care plan.
Take note of the differences in the facilities you visit. The cleanliness of the office. The friendliness of the staff. The technology that is utilized. The timelines of the service being delivered. And maybe most importantly take note in the experiences from other amputees whom have utilized the facilities service.

Meet Other Patients

Prosthetic Socket Design at Fourroux Prosthetics

Are you being introduced to other amputees during the consultation? Does the facility seem willing to let you talk with other amputees?  Do they have amputee references? Ask to meet other amputees to get a true sense of the level of care that you will receive.
It is a lot to take in, especially if you are new to prosthetic care.  But the long term value of those first consulation meetings can be immeasurable in the long run.  Take advantage of it!
If you would like to learn more about Fourroux Prosthetics call 888-810-6220, or schedule a FREE Consultation at any one of our locations.  Meet the Fourroux staff, meet other patients and see our world class care facilities in action.
See for yourself the Fourroux Difference!  We would be happy to show you around.
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