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Monday, 16 March 2020 15:50

Fourroux Prosthetics Celebrates 65 Years of Service to Amputees!

Fourroux Prosthetics is excited to be celebrating 65 years of service to amputees & their families!

Fourroux Prosthetics Transportation Service

Fourroux Prosthetics was originally founded in 1955 by George Fourroux and provided orthotics and prosthetics services to local residents in the Huntsville area.  During the last 65 years, our organization has grown significantly as well as narrowed our focus to becoming a nationally recognized prosthetics facility, having served amputees from around the world.  While our corporate office remains in Huntsville, AL, we have expanded their service to Birmingham, Al, Memphis & Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Keith Watson, Fourroux’s owner explained:

“This year marks a significant landmark for our organization. 65 years of providing the highest level of care in prosthetic products and services to all levels of amputees and their families. We don’t just provide a prosthesis, we provide an experience. One that is rich in quality care, education, the use of innovative prosthetic technology and patient outcomes. We provide a gateway to an improved quality of life for amputees and their families.”

Join us in this joyous celebration of being able to serve amputees and their families for 65 years! And thank you to those amputees who we have serviced, and for trusting us with your care.

For more information on Fourroux and the services we provide, we invite you to watch “The Path”, an insightful look into why amputees choose Fourroux.



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