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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 12:08

Choosing a Prosthetist

Anyone who has ever needed their vehicle repaired knows that not all auto repair mechanics are the same.  They vary in personality, knowledge, experience and in expertise.   The same is true in any profession…and the same holds true for prosthetists.

You might think that every prosthetist is the same, and going to provide you with the same outcome.  However studies have shown that that is not the case.   Choosing the right prosthetist is extremely important.  A prosthetist is someone who you may share personal details with, will be someone who you will see regularly over time, and one who ultimately has a significant role in your ability to function in everyday life.
Here are a few tips when choosing the right Prosthetist:
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Interview more than one Prosthetist
The decision to choose your prosthetist is yours.  You may be recommended a prosthetist or prosthetic facility by your physician or surgeon, but you have the right to choose who you want to provide you prosthetic care.  Find one that you connect with.  One that you feel like you can communicate well with, as communication is vital in reaching your short and long term goals.  Your relationship with your Prosthetist is long-term, and having one you are completely comfortable with starts you on your path to success.
Check a Prosthetists credentials
It’s important to not only know what type of education your prosthetist may have received, but also how long they have been in practice.  What types of additional training have they received?  Do they work with amputees that have a similar type of amputation that you have?  Are they well versed on all the prosthetic options that are available, and as an amputee, do you have access to those options?
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Ask to meet their amputee patients
Sometimes the best information you can obtain about a prosthetist, is from speaking with other amputees that they have served.   Ask to speak with amputees that have amputations that are similar to yours.  Ask them questions about their appointments, their progress and their long term care & goals.   If a Prosthetist isn’t willing to provide with access to amputees to communicate with, that is a sign that maybe you should continue your search.
Do not choose a Prosthetist simply on convenience
Many amputees choose prosthetists simply by location, and location only.  Yes, traveling the least amount of distance can seem convenient, but you may be compromising on getting quality care for that convenience.   Remember, having a good prosthetist…the right prosthetist, can be the difference between having a functional lifestyle, or not.  
Find a prosthetist that is just right for YOU.  Find one that you are comfortable with, that listens to you and works with you to reach the desired outcome or level that you are looking for.
If you are at a point in your life where you feel you and not being heard, not progressing or not getting the results that you feel you deserve…reach out and find someone to assist you.  
Here at Fourroux Prosthetics we welcome the opportunity to learn about you, your needs, desires and your goals.  Meet the staff, meet our patients.   You will be glad you did!
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