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Grand Opening of Fourroux Prosthetics in Atlanta, GA!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Its been busy here at Fourroux with most of the practitioners in Chicago, but don't worry- they will be back on Saturday.

Which is convenient, because a few of our technicians are leaving for Waterloo, Iowa on Saturday. Brad and Kelly will be flying up to Iowa to learn the latest fabrication techniques from O&P 1- a central fabrication facility.

Hello Fourrouxers!

Last week marked the opening of the Fourroux Wellness Center, located in the physical therapy room in the Huntsville, AL clinic. The Wellness Center is free to all our patients. That’s right folks, FREE!

It is important for everyone to stay healthy and fit, and it is important to Fourroux that our patients have convenient access to exercise equipment.