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We are committed to making a difference in the lives of every amputee served.  We utilize advanced prosthetics technology, provide unmatched patient care and administer custom prosthetic solutions for amputees of all levels.


Our approach to prosthetic care is unique. We don’t just provide a prosthesis. We provide an experience. One that is rich in quality care, prosthetics education and innovative advanced prosthetic technology to achieve successful patient outcomes. We provide a gateway to an improved quality of life for amputees and their families.


With prosthetic care facilities in Huntsville, Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville & Atlanta, we cater to the needs of each and every amputee by involving them in their care, discussing all their prosthetic options, and then creating a customized approach to help them reach goals never thought possible.


Our commitment to providing the highest level of prosthetics care, provides amputees the freedom and independence they deserve so that they may return to an active lifestyle.